Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bomb scare at KLCC car park

I live not too far away from KLCC and my gym is located in the basement of the KLCC Towers, so I'm there almost everyday.

The local English daily, The Star, reported today that there was a bomb scare at the KLCC Tower 2 car park. A guard heard sounds coming from a bag near an autopay station and raised the alert. The bomb squad arrived and the bag was brought out to a vacant area to be detonated.

What I don't get is this: The Star published a pic of a bomb squad personnel carrying away the bag which is suspected to contain a bomb... and not too far away, you can see hordes and hordes of curious people staring. Erm.. hello? If there was a bomb in a bag being carried out from a car park near me, I'd be running away as fast as I could in the opposite direction. But these people just stood there, gawking at the bomb squad guy and his cargo. Suppose it did have a bomb and it did go off. There's be a lot of grilled Malaysian meat around the KLCC area for quite some time, eh? I'd stay away from satay for quite some time if that did happen.


  1. i agree with your measurement on what to do shud there is a bomb sumwhere nearby. the problem with us malaysians is, we are not aware enuff of any obvious problem until we get to taste the problem first hand.

    come to think of it, i'm one of that type *biting nails*

  2. azer mantessa: I showed pic in papers to hubby and he said, "What were those people thinking???" Luckily it was not a bomb, but just imagine if it was! I'm very scaredy-cat, so I'm sure to run off real quick!