Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Manc Scum 3, Liverpool 0

Oh god. I nearly cried with frustration but I cannot deny that them Mancs deserved to win. Go here for a full match report and comments. This website is maintained by my fellow Malaysian Kopites, so if you're a Red and reading this, please drop by their site and give them some support!

Never mind. I will console myself by telling this story about a racehorse. This is a true story, mind you. I read in the local paper about a racehorse and it was called Van Nistelrooy. I don't recall what the story was because I was so struck by the cleverness of the owner that everything else in the report flew out of my head. You see, Van Nistelrooy is also the name of an ex-Manc Scum player who so resembles a horse, we'd always called him Van Horseface.


Amazing likeness, no?


  1. roflol! How apt And here's your virgin tag! hehe...

  2. PB: Heh. Thanks for the tag... er... lemme go figure out how to do this. I've seen you do so many tags, I really shouldn't be this blur now!