Friday, March 7, 2008

White men can't dance

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest. We were in the hotel pub, enjoying our last night in Jakarta. I was looking forward to hearing the band as Thursday nights are Acoustic Nights in the hotel pub and last week's band was pretty good.

This week's band was pretty good too. They played jazzy stuff and the lead guitarist had the most beautiful tone. So there we are, Dear Hubby and I, enjoying the music and I'm tapping along on the table, keeping time with the band's percussionist.

Right behind us is this bule (ie angmoh, gweilo) who's also enjoying the music. He was also tapping along to the beat, but we sure moved to very different beats. He sounded just like... you know.. if you pulled out an octopus from the sea and it fell onto the deck and was flopping around, gasping for breath? Its eight tentacles would probably just be slapping randomly on the deck, going piddy-piakpiakpiak-piddypiddy-piak-piddypiakpiddypiak-piakpiakpiddypiddy?

And that's what he was doing.. and with great enthusiasm at that! I wanted to ask him, "What's with you??? Can't you hear the beat???" I'm sorry, mate.. white men just CAN'T dance.

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