Thursday, May 15, 2008

My little angel visitor

I had a rather unusual visitor yesterday. At around 430pm, the doorbell went DING DONG! and I went to take a look. It was far too early for Dear Hubby to have finished work, so I thought it was hotel staff.
I took a peep out of the peephole and to my surprise, I couldn't see anyone. Eh? Curious, I decided to see who it was. When I finally opened the door, I discovered why I couldn't see my visitor through the peephole. It was a little boy, blond, blue-eyed in t-shirt, shorts and sandals, holding a pool toy under his left arm! He was so little and he was standing so close to the door, I'd simply missed seeing him through the peephole.

There was silence for a moment as the two of us stared at each other. I was looking at him thinking, "EH???" He was looking up at me, Kao Biore nose strips on nose and all, probably thinking the same thing. Finally, he spoke first, "I think I have the wrong room..." I bet you did, kiddo! Hehe.

He was really cute and I looked outside for his family but he was standing there alone. So I asked if he knew where his mum was and he said yes. He looked up at my room number again and I could see in his eyes that he realised it was the wrong number. So I asked if he knew what the right room was and he said yes again. I told him that if he got lost, he was to come back to me and I would take him down. Actually, I should have taken him to the right room but we two weren't thinking straight at that moment.

While we were talking, he kept looking past me into our suite. Suddenly he asked, "Could I come in and have a look?" Amused, I said, "Sure!" and let him in. He bounced in, pool toy and all, "Wow! This is much bigger than our room! Mummy said there were some rooms that are bigger but she didn't know how big they were!" I watched as he ran excitedly through all our rooms and took a good look at everything.
When he was done, he looked up at me and said, "Okay... I'm going now. Thank you." I was really amused, I thought he was just adorable. He assured me he would be all right and said goodbye and went off to the lift.

Heh. So what do you think, guys? Think this is an omen of sorts? Will Little Monkey turn out to be a baby boy?

When I told some old friends about it, one of them said that it sounded like he was a little angel sent to see that Mummy and baby were all right. I kinda like that thought. :)))

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  1. Oh dear I think you are the Malaysian equivalent of my wife. She too has little experiences like that...seems she just kind of attracts innocence through her spirit. What a sweet story.