Friday, May 2, 2008

Our life is being packed away in cardboard boxes

Sigh. The movers are finally here. I'm seeing our life being packed into boxes as I type. The whole house looks like a typhoon has swept through it. It was even worse in the past two days because the water pump failed and we had only a trickle of water to shower and wash with. My god. I felt like I was on a camping trip in Inner Mongolia.

I guess the house didn't want us to move. First it "protested" by tripping a light switch and I was trapped in darkness the first night I arrived home from Jakarta. Boy, was I pissed. My flight had been delayed an hour from Jakarta, so it was close to midnight when I arrived home and I had to grope about in the dark summore. Wah liao. Funny thing was, the table lamps were working, so I put those on.
Then two days ago, the water pump just refused to work. Our landlord managed to find someone who would come in on a Saturday and they fixed it in an hour. So now we have water again. Phew.

I'm soooooooooo going to miss this apartment. It's the nicest home I've ever lived in. My favourite feature is the ceiling in the living room... erm.. what do you call it? A vaulted timber ceiling? Yes, I've just googled it and that's what you call it. I adore sitting in the living room with the music on and just staring up at the ceiling. Very peaceful, easy feeling.

(I love our ceiling!!!)

My other favourite feature was the built-in bookcase. Just simple shelves that reach up to our mythical 2nd floor and a wooden staircase was built so that you could climb up and reach the upper shelves. Most first-time visitors to our home will ask, " got 2nd floor? Where is it ah?" We call it our Stairway to Heaven. :)))

*sniff, sniff* Bye-bye, KL.

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