Sunday, July 13, 2008

A good news day

I'm happy today because...

  • My bestest-westest fwen from Uni has just been offered a job in Penang at better pay than his current job! He went for the interview the week we were in Balikpapan and he's just got the news that he's been offered the position! Way to go!!!
  • Our house is almost ready!!! The old tenants have moved out and the landlord is now doing the touch-ups and minor repairs that the house needs. Guess the house should be ready by Aug.
  • Our shipment from KL is coming! It was originally scheduled to only ship out in August and we were disappointed because it meant we would have a house with no furniture. But Dear Hubby managed to get them to ship it out on 17 July which means it should arrive and clear customs by Aug. Home sweet home at last.
Well... that was a nice way to start a week. :))


  1. thank you very much hor bestest westest fwen...hehehhe

    new chapter in my life with new title for my livejournal....LOL

  2. Hehe Roy... and I wish you all the best of luck in looking for nice roomie! *twiddles thumbs*