Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mars and Venus on babies

This is absolute proof that the male and female brains work in VERY different ways. When I got back yesterday from the doctor's check-up, I immediately emailed Dear Hubby the latest scan I got of the baby (he'd flown back to KL for a one-day meeting), gushing over how cute the baby looked in the womb. This is the first time we've gotten a cute picture, he usually looks like some weird alien in his scans. Here it is... see... cute, right? I love the way his little fist is curled up next to his face.

I'd also gotten scans of other bits of our baby but I didn't email those on to the hubby as I thought I'd show it to him when he came home. When he arrived home last night from KL, I showed him all the scans the doctor gave me and started telling him enthusiastically about the latest updates. But was he listening? Noooooo... because all his attention was focused on the last scan which showed our baby's bottom and his wee-wee. The proud papa pointed to the pic, "Looks like he's got a big one! That's my son! What a boy!"

I give up.


  1. Sorry to burst your hubby's bubble, but all baby boys have big ones - especially if you compare the size to their proportions.

    Hubby thought the same about his son's...

  2. BTW... don't you just love these 3D scans?

  3. figur8: Craps. You have ruined my hubby's day. :D

    I looooooooove 3D scans. Hubby said, "You know if I could afford it, I would buy you one but then none of the housework and cooking would get done ever."