Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Electrical matters in Jakarta

I found this really cool site that tells you what plugs are required for different countries around the world. The voltage used in Malaysia and Indonesia is about the same, just that the plugs required are different. So you either change all your plugs or you buy a whole bunch of adaptors. Go here to find out what you need. The homepage will auto-detect your current country from your IP but you can always change that.

We've just received our first electricity bill and it's about the same amount as we have usually paid while in KL. The nice bit about this area of Jakarta I live in is that we can pay our bills at the ATM. Look here for a list of banks which participate in this programme.

You can also opt for an auto-debit service for your electricity bill. Banks which take part in this service are listed at the state electricity board's website. If you have yet to receive your bill and are anxious to find out how much you should be paying, there is a section there called "Rekening Anda". Just key in your 12-digit customer ID, select the appropriate month and click on the button "lihat". Ta-dah!

But if you have time to spare, you can pay at the payment counters set up across the city. Check here for a list of where to go.

In my area, electricity bills should be paid by the 20th of each month. I'm not sure if that is standard practice across Jakarta. A bill will arrive at the house, stating the user ID, the amount of electricity consumed and the amount to be paid. If you haven't yet paid it by the 24th.... like yours truly... then a warning notice will arrive at your house stating the date by which the electricity supply will be cut off temporarily if you don't pay and it's like... erm.. tomorrow? You'll be charged a reconnection fee on top of your usual monthly bill if you fail to pay before the cut-off date.

So if I don't post anything for the next few days, you'll know that I'm living by candlelight. Haha. Not.

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