Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is for an old, old, old, OLD friend who turns... erm... 18 today. *halo on* We've known each other since we were toddlers and played jackpot together on my perfectly legal toy jackpot machine. We were inseparable as children and teens.

We both grew up and went our separate ways as friends do. I'm sorry for not writing more letters when you were away studying all those years ago, but Pos Malaysia was such a bother to deal with! :)) But we've always kept in touch somehow and we can still yak lots. I remember once when she came over to my KL apartment for dinner and we yakked so long into the night that Dear Hubby gave up and went to bed first. LOL

I can still see us in kindergarten wearing matching "I Heart Ladybird Books" t-shirts. I remember when we both squealed over Rick Astley. I remember seeing her for the first time as a professional career woman, I was still in Uni then. When I discovered I was pregnant, she was the first to know.

There have not been many constants in my life but she's one of them. So to Paris Beaverbanks, I just want to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you have a great one and look what I got you! Nice cake eh!


  1. *wipes tear from eye* That was truly touching! I remember the jackpot! :D Thank you so much and thanks too for the erm... gift... erm...

  2. PB: Cakes make such nice gifts. LOL