Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pics of our little boy

Fresh from the oven. Literally. There's me babbling something stupid, I'm sure. The guy on the right is my ob-gyn.

Taken ytdy evening while he's snoozing. People keep asking Dear Hubby, "Why do you take pics of him when he's sleeping?" Dear Hubby said, "Well... at this age, he only ever eats, shits and sleeps. Since my wife's breastfeeding, I'm not showing you the feeding pics. I'm definitely NOT showing you the shitting pics. What's left?"

Taken yesterday afternoon... just minutes before we stripped him naked and made him take a bath. He howled the place down in protest. He HATES baths. He HATES diaper changes. Each time I do it, he acts like I'm torturing him.

He is probably an hour or so old in this pic. That is me meeting him for the first time.. still rather groggy from surgery.

Our little boy, just minutes old and about to be wheeled away to the nursery for checks. In Pondok Indah hospital, all newborns wear yellow. Then at the nursery, they get changed into their hospital stay clothes. Baby boys get blue outer robes and baby girls get pink outer robes. He was the only boy in the nursery during our stay.


  1. OMG!! Pic #3 is so damn adorable!!! I can't tell who he looks like but heck that hair! :D

  2. Congratulations, your son is very handsome. Wishing you all the best in the world, I'm amazed that childbirth hasn't impacted your blog, talk about taking it all in your stride!

  3. PB: That's my desktop now... I love that pic. But he wasn't so adorable once we managed to get his clothes off... LOL I can't get over his hair too, was SO surprised when he was brought to me first time and I saw this SHOCK of hair.

    Rob: Thank you! *beams* Well, he's pretty low maintenance now, just sleeps most of the time so I've still got time for the blog. I guess I may be MIA once he starts walking.

  4. He's so gorgeous :)

    Sigh...when do we get to see him?!

  5. PE: We're hoping to be back in KL for Christmas... and we'll be at Maple, so you can hop over any time you like! Connor says thank you Aunty PE for your compliments!