Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Toys: Connor loves his Tiny Love wind chime

We've not bought a lot of toys for Connor. YET. He has plenty of stuffed bears given by friends and family and they're all sitting in my closet waiting for Connor as he's smaller than most of the bears! LOL He has a few other toys - teethers, stacking blocks, a squeeze box - that were given by a friend but he's still too young for them.

Actually there wasn't much point before in buying him anything earlier. He didn't seem to get the concept of toys. We ran out to Senayan City and bought an activity playmat when he turned one month old but to my disappointment, Connor showed little interest in it. I knew he was bored lying on his beanbag just staring at the ceiling but he didn't seem to understand this playmat was different and that he could actually play with it. "Oh no," I sighed. "My baby is stupid."

Turned out he's not stupid but First-Time Mummy here was just over-eager. When he turned 6 weeks old, I tried the playmat again and to my delight, he started batting at the overhead toys with purpose. YES! He gets it!

I noticed he liked things with sound and light effects. So I thought I would buy him a mobile with light and sound effects. I hunted around on Fisher-Price and found this mobile that seemed really nice. I ran off the next day to Suzanna Baby Shop which is my fave baby store because it's located in not-too-far-away Pondok Indah and stocks everything from clothes to breast pumps to toys. And yes - they carried the mobile. The price? Rp800k++. GOSH. That's one expensive mobile!

I took a look around the store and spotted this wind chime from Tiny Love. It cost Rp90,000 and looked decent. Okay, so it didn't have lights but it had sound. I bought it and went home. I was soooooooooo excited over the toy, far more than my baby boy was. LOL

I got home, took it out, gave it a wipe-down and then showed it to Connor. He looked at it and when I shook it so that he could hear the chimes, his eyebrows shot to the ceiling in amazement. Gently, I touched the toy to his outstretched arm to show him how it works and I could see something happen in his eyes. It was a Lightbulb Moment for sure.

I hung the chimes on his playmat arch and put Connor under it. Boy, did he ever get the toy. He batted happily away at it for probably half an hour and I sneaked away to get some things done. To a background of soft chimes, I got our personal documents sorted out, sorted out bills and actually sat down for a cuppa without being interrupted.

It's Connor favourite toy for now and he plays with it every morning. Big thumbs up from this mum!


  1. You are what is known as "over anxious mom" At least little Connor now knows how to amuse himself so you can get stuff done!

  2. PB: First time mah... LOL The hubby refused to drive me out to my favourite baby shop because he knew I was just going to buy toys for Connor. Horrible man. :))