Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Pics: KL, CNY at home and in Jakarta

With his grand-uncle Shang in the garden during CNY

With Auntie K and Uncle R in Uncle M's apartment

Teeheeheee.... MONEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Mwahaha... now that I have the funds... it's time to.... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! (Aged 11 weeks)


  1. Love Love pic #3 and #4 Connor's learnt early that money makes him happy!!!

  2. PB: See... he's really quite cheerful... except when he's got to cope with a lot of new faces. You'll hardly see me in the pics where he's got a big grin on bec I have to stay off-camera making goofy faces to get him to smile like that.