Sunday, April 5, 2009

Connor in UK and Jakarta

Taken today. I think this can be a good advert for Pigeon Baby Wipes. If anyone from Pigeon Corp is reading this, please contact me and pay up his appearance fee. :))

Anfield's latest signing on his first day of training. "Pass and move, lad... pass and move!"

With his Nana in Liverpool. Nana adored her youngest grandchild and showered him with lots of love and kisses while we were there.

His Kop "baptism". From now on, my son will never walk alone.

"Night fever, night fever... we know how to do it!" Connor in Liverpool... do we all live in a erm.. yellow baby bath?


  1. OMG He's adorable! :D When do I get to see him again... sans tears ... I think I scare him :P

  2. PB: Last week, he was NOT adorable at all... nightmare baby! I think we'll be back in KL mid Apr, staying the usual place. Connor will get to see his Aunty PB then!

  3. That's the picture I mean... the one with the liverpool outfit...

  4. nighthawke - JeffyApril 15, 2009 at 8:10 AM

    Beautiful lad Ai Leen!!

    email me and tell me how much you like married life and a little one.
    nighthawke - (Jeffy!)

  5. Shen: Ooh.. I like that one too. It's a bit warm for him to wear though. His hair all went curly when he got into car seat, that's how we know it's warm bec his hair only curls when it's wet with sweat. LOL

    Jeffy: Hehe... thanks. *hugs* Will do.. I've still got your email you know.. after all these years!