Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still stuck in Singapore!

It was supposed to be a short, 2-week stay in KL and Singapore.

A month later, we're still away from home and living out of our suitcases. I'm getting tired of wearing the same baju over and over again. I'm pining for my desktop PC with its big generous monitor instead of this lappie. I'm getting tired of paying for things in Sing dollars - boy is this place ever expensive!

Dear Hubby had to have a 2nd op as he picked up an infection. We're hoping that the doctor will give him the all clear to fly home when he goes for a follow-up check this Saturday. If he has to stay any longer in Singapore, I think Connor and I will fly home first to Jakarta.

Our friends have been really generous to us and have hosted us since we arrived in Singapore, bar the days that we stayed in a hotel and last week when I went home to my hometown. I'm really grateful for their kindness but I miss my own home in Jakarta. And Connor needs somewhere that's a bit more baby-friendly now that he's learnt how to crawl and sit up. He's also learnt how to pull himself into a standing position by holding onto things. He's been practising these new skills on all surfaces with great enthusiasm and has been keeping Mummy on her toes.

We've recently bought a baby foam helmet for him, will post more about that later when we've had the chance to use it. Just before his fall off the bed, Dear Hubby and I had been joking that we should invest in crash helmets for the boy. After his fall and more than a few boinks on the noggin later, we decided to dun play-play and bought the helmet.

All fingers crossed we'll be hopping on a plane this weekend!

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