Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our first date...

... was during the wedding we attended last weekend.

We were sharing an ice-cream and had found a quiet table. We were just enjoying our moment alone, away from the festivities and I was just happy to have some time alone with my husband.

It all started when I winked at Dear Hubby and started with one of those questions you tend to ask on a first date. "So... what was the last movie you saw?" Dear Hubby looked up, thinking it was a trick question ala "Does my bum look fat in this?" but answered anyway.

I giggled, "Let's pretend we're on a first date and getting to know each other!" Dear Hubby protested at first, "I'm not good at first dates! They never go well!" "I thought ours went very well, darling." "It was the only one that did!"

But he played along... reluctantly at first, then giggling along with me as we played on. And for a few minutes we forgot we were sleep-deprived parents of an active 8-month-old boy and we were just two people out on a date having fun getting to know each other over ice-cream.

And you know what? This "first date" went well too.

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