Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy birthday, bestest-westest fwen!!!

It is Aug 22 and it is my bestest-westest fwen's birthday. We met during orientation week in Uni and have remained partners in crime ever since then and that was almost 15 years ago.

This is a friend who knows probably every dark and dirty secret of mine. A friend who spent hours helping me search for a dress for some event I had to attend back in Uni. He saw me through my darkest hours without judgement. He loaned me his PC for months on end while we were in Uni and didn't we look a funny pair, balancing on my wee Honda motorbike with the desktop unit. He threatened to start a dossier on all the men I'd dated because he said he couldn't remember who was who anymore. He loaned me his towel even when I had chickenpox. (Sorry... LOL!) And when my son was born, my friend... who's 100% allergic to little children... actually came to see him bearing a gift and told me my son is adorable. Aww...

Here's to many more years of "...I'm feeling... bubbly..." and Gathering of the Idiots, of riding around on a motorbike without brakes and Chinook helicopters, of cruising around town in "our car" and reading out loud from the Rukunegara sign in PJ, of Morrocan nights and Fabian fantasy, of typos from fat fingers and Starbucks coffees.

A year older but... maintain vogue, Roy... maintain vogue!

Happy birthday to my buddy.... your buddy... misses.... youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......


  1. LOL... thank you bestest-westest fwennn!!! omg... can't believe it's 15 years plus isn't it? and man... not only that.. you tahan all my quirks and all that... hehehhe...
    and most of all... the gathering of the idiots... HAHAHA... so miss that.... sigh... time really flies.....thanks for always there, high and low, good and bad, god knows how many of those for the past years... *BIGGEST OF HUGS*

  2. It doesn't mean I forgive you for making me turn back to the house five seconds after arriving at the Mines because "... I'm feeling bubbly and so not good..."


    Hope you had a good one, take you out for eats when I'm back in KL okay?