Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're all going on a summer holiday!

Off to Dubai tomorrow! We're actually headed back to UK to see my in-laws but all the direct flights to UK were fully booked. So we decided to go via Dubai and stop by for 2 days to see some friends of ours. It's going to be a short trip to Dubai but I'm so excited because I've never been there and I've always wanted to visit.

Next stop: Liverpool, UK. Due to our somewhat disastrous start to this year's campaign, I shall beg Dear Hubby to take us to Anfield so that I may sacrifice the family cat on holy footballing ground and ask for blessings for our brave men in red. This will teach Thomas to hiss at me.

This H1N1 virus bit is worrying me but I can't see what I can do about it save popping Connor into a plastic bubble and not letting him out till he's 21. From what I've been reading, most people who get it recover from it. It's not as deadly as bird flu and we live in Jakarta, which is probably bird flu capital of the world. So we decided we'd continue to live our lives and not hide.

I'm not even packed yet. Mindful of our last trip's packing disasters, I started looking for our passports and tax cards last weekend. I also carry a copy of Connor's birth certificate with me. Mind you, it's hard having a baby who doesn't look like he's yours. At Singapore border controls, I was asked to state the name of my son as the officers squinted at me, then Connor, then back at me. Tell you what, Tuan, let me whip out my boobie and breast feed my son to prove he's mine.

Actually it's less funny than when Dear Hubby and I were just married and I was careful to carry a copy of our marriage cert with us. You know... angmoh man... Asian woman... I love you long time... mail order brides from SE Asia... oh well.

May not be online for a bit as we will be on the road. Ooh... sausage rolls and Asda... here I come!


  1. Brilliant post, it gave me a good laugh over breakfast which when its 8am and still dark in August is what you need to cheer up a British summer. Hope you packed raincoats and have a great time back in Liverpool and you can make it down to Anfield. :)

    I wouldn't worry about the flu babi seems like its yesterdays news now, its hayfever that's making all us suffer at the moment and I can't believe you like shopping in Asda.

  2. Rob: Sitting here now in Liv and it's cold! Bleh. English weather. I always pack my waterproof jacket, the only thing that keeps me cosy in the UK.
    I like Asda! And Sainsbury! I go crazy over the stuff on sale there. I'm sad, I know... teehee.

  3. It's a shame about the weather this weekend, although it didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits at the Mathew Street Festival yesterday, that might have been due to the amount of spirits being consumed though.
    I did used to miss the shopping in the UK when we first went to Indonesia but they opened a Hypermart in our town and it was so good I used to go every other day, and ooh and argh about how it was just like Tesco, how sad is that? :)

  4. Rob: Missed the Festival, trust the wee one to come down with a bug when there's something fun on! LOL
    Am now sitting in a cold living room in Scotland. We're staying with friends and being a tropical babe, I have no idea how to put the heating on. Looking silly in my layers here.