Monday, October 26, 2009

Liv 2 MU 0 ... WOOHOO!!!!!!!

The Top Monkey family had a really good weekend as Liverpool beat MU 2-0 on Sunday. I was up and jumping and shrieking with joy when Torres scored the opener. Dear Hubby was shouting "YES!!! GET IN THERE!!!!!" Right after that, we both went "Shhh.. the baby...!" But Connor slept through it all. We think that our victory had something to do with the fact that all 3 of us wore our Liverpool kits that weekend. So now I can't wash those lucky kits and we'll have to wear them every matchday until the good luck wears off and the suey kicks in.

We're flying off today and will be celebrating Connor's 1st birthday in KL. My parents are so excited, they've dropped every other engagement they've got for this. I'm sure they never dreamed this day would come since we (their children) showed absolutely no interest in getting married and having kids. I can't quite explain why I changed my mind so suddenly either. LOL

I'm now looking at this pic of me taken many moons ago on *my* first birthday. I'm kinda chuffed that I'm now going to take the same pics of my son's first birthday next week.

Over and out.

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