Saturday, April 17, 2010

iRant: Whatever...

WARNING: Rant mode on

I hate it when people answer "Whatever..." to my questions. It shows a complete lack of respect and total disregard for me.

I've recently had the displeasure of having someone answer "Whatever..." to my questions. Not once but on two separate occasions. The first time was when I was out and he was helping me with something. So I called and asked if he would like some lunch. The correct answer would be a) Yes please, thank you. b) No thank you... insert appropriate comment here e.g. I've already cooked myself some Maggi mee.

Instead the answer I got was "Whatever... not bothered..." Since I was feeling grateful said person was doing me a favour, I asked again nicely. When I got the same answer, I just let the matter drop and hung up. I then asked Dear Hubby, "Does 'Whatever...' mean yes or no?" He shrugged. I bought lunch anyway because I thought it was the nice thing to do.

A few days later, we were having friends over for dinner. So Dear Hubby suggesting calling up Mr Whatever again to invite him. I said ok. Here I am, slaving away in the kitchen, making roast pork and roast chicken, parboiling potatoes to make roast potatoes and preparing a salad to go with it... and I get a "Whatever.. yeah.. not bothered..." to my polite and sincere invite.

Forget it. I've got too many things to do in my life without having to decode "Whatever...". He turned up anyway to watch some telly with us all but I couldn't be bothered to offer food (even though we had plenty on hand) because he didn't deserve any more courtesy from me. I just hate rude people.

I'm putting this on my list of What to Teach Connor NOT To Do.


  1. My sentiments exactly. It's rude is what it is. Very Gen-Y (FYI I'm also Gen-Y, but only due to a year's discrepancy :P). To me, if I hear a "whatever", I just regard it as a no. Even if the other party really means yes :P

  2. Tine: I was SO mad then and I held off writing this until my rage had subsided. I know from experience that I'm liable to say lots of stuff I regret when mad. Hehe.

  3. hey, i'm gen-y too, but that's still no excuse for bad manners! then again err...i do use "anything also can" sometimes when it comes to selecting food (not the decision, just the location)... :p

  4. beetrice: LOL I suppose it was the tone of the Whatever... that got to me. It was a tone that said I can't be bothered instead of a tone that said Whatever that is the least troublesome for you.