Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eye Candy: Connor back home in Kuala Lumpur

Wheeeee!!! He's now big enough to slide down on his own. This is me guiding him down the slide in our apartment playground. When he was with Daddy, Daddy let Connor slide down by himself in his swimsuit and Connor went whoosh! off the slide and bumped onto the ground.

He has the Thomas the Tank Engine swimsuit, sandals, drink bottle and hooded beach towel. When we go to the apartment pool and playground, he looks like a walking advertisement for Thomas the Tank Engine. Mana itu talent fee!!!!

He loves the swings. Giggles like mad while I swing him higher and higher.

With Mummy in the fabulous TTDI park. I dunno whose trike that is. Some kid left it unattended and Connor grabbed it.

Shot last week aged 18 months.


"Mummy, are you missing something?"


  1. oh he is adorable! great pics! and looks like the daddy has been practising his photography :)

  2. Shortcake: He's available for rent if you wanna practise at being a mummy. ;) I actually did "rent" my friends' sons when I was pregnant. lol I practised pushing them around in a stroller and watched them handle their children while at lunch and at shopping.