Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toddler Activities: Mummy made Gloop!

Omigosh. Gloop is SO awesome. It's the easiest thing in the world to make too and it's just awesome to look at. It's like.... like... molten lava! I think I was far more impressed by it than Connor was and words like "agglomeration" were running through my mind when I saw the end product.

How to make gloop:
2 cups of corn flour (your standard tepung jagung that comes in the honey-coloured tin)
1 cup of cold water

Just pour in the cold water slowly and stir all the time. Stop when the water is barely absorbed by the cornflour. The result is gloop - a solid mass that looks like flowy molten lava in the bowl. It won't kill your toddler if he tries to eat it and it's so yucky tasting that he won't try it again. At least that's what happened with Connor. If it gets onto clothes, it doesn't stain or stick as it will simply brush off as powder when dry.


Try it in your kitchen with your little one.


  1. Hi Mrs. Top Monkey, I always enjoy reading about your life and Connor's. If Connor likes hands-on activities, check out this site on how to make eco-friendly playdoh. You won't have to worry if Connor accidentally eats it! Enjoy :-)

  2. Ooh thanks! For both the reading and the recipe. I was going to try and make edible playdough this week so will check that out.