Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Equipment Hire in Kuala Lumpur

If you're coming to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday (Liza and Mia, are you reading this!!! ARGH! Hehe), this may be of some help to you. I found this site when we were living in Jakarta and making frequent trips back to KL so I was looking to hire car seats for just a week or two. I'm not sure if car seats are mandatory in Malaysia but knowing what crazy drivers we are, I didn't want Connor bouncing along unprotected even for a minute. This is why I don't take taxis in KL anymore. No car seat, no go.

The site is called Baby Barn and it also sells new and pre-loved baby items. I took a look and they rent out travel cots, strollers and car seats. They also have a hiking carrier - good if you're planning an outing to Batu Caves!

Their latest item is pretty interesting. It's called the Sit n Stroll. This is something I've rarely seen. It's a car seat and stroller all in one. Ever tried lugging a car seat through an airport? We have. Even though it was our pretty light Combi car seat, it was still a pain. With this one, you just wheel the car seat around just like a stroller. So clever hor!!!

Here you go, Scott and Elaine. I hope the site's what you're looking for and I hope you'll be having a wonderful holiday in Malaysia soon.


  1. Ah thanks Mrs TM, I had a quick look at the site. But the thought of transport safety in Malaysia still wigs me out. It's probably the no. 1 thing that keeps me thinking about whether to go back. I am still surprised by how relax the driving safety laws are in M'sia. Safety laws in Australia are very strict here, so I've no doubt adapted my thinking to that. So, driving around in M'sia sounds pretty scary.

    When we do eventually go back, I doubt my Angmoh husband will be driving there as he will not be very familiar with the roads and it's customs. Thus the problem. We need to have someone drive us around with a big enough car to fit 2 child car seats, plus 2 adults. That doesn't leave much room for anyone else. :( So, we might have to compromise the safety of our children and be able to visit places, or stay in one place for the entire time and just see places that are in walkable distance. *sigh* What to do.

  2. I know what you mean. All it takes is 2 weeks of holiday in the UK and I come back to KL aghast at our driving. How about you? Can you drive when you come back for holidays then? Perhaps you could look at hiring a car, don't know what that would cost though. Perhaps you can look at just using the LRT and visiting a few places to start with?

  3. I found this info very useful, thankyou!

  4. You're very welcome, I'm glad to be of some help!

  5. Do you know if they make deliveries of the car seat to KLIA? Im planning a trip from KL - KCH so wondered if we could hire it while in stop over in KL.

    (Saw this information when i googled for it, so thanks !!)

  6. Gosh, I hope my answer's not too late for you. I don't know if they do. When we do KLIA, we tend to take the train and we don't use the car seat then. To me, the train's a LOT safer than relying on some crazy KL taxi driver negotiating his way through traffic. Hope you got some car seat sorted out for your trip, it's such a pain when you can't get one in time!

  7. Good to know that there is a store that we can go when traveling to KL for quality baby equipments. It is indeed a hassle to carry a baby around when traveling but it is a responsibility that every parent must face despite their busy work.

  8. I have written to baby barn several times- No reply !!! Any other organization who are willing to rent?

    1. Oh dear... maybe they've shut down. You can always try IBU on Facebook or on their webpage. They do have stuff for hire and there are usually members willing to help out.