Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy birthday Gong-gong!

It was Gong-gong's birthday on Tues. We weren't planning a trip back to see my parents as they had planned to come to KL this weekend. But on Monday, they called up and said they couldn't make it this weekend. I was quite disappointed as my younger brother and I were planning to take them out for a feast to celebrate their birthdays.

I then thought about driving home on Tues to celebrate Dad's birthday. But it would be such a hassle, driving home for just the one-night stay and having to lug Connor's toys and various baby stuff along in the car as well. Don't even start about the cost of the fuel and toll for the trip. Oh bother. I thought "Too much hassle. I'll wait till they come to KL and we'll take them out. Connor can celebrate with them next year."

Then I thought to myself "What if...?" What if we were posted to Siberia come end of this year? (Unlikely but...) What if we decided to move to Canada like we were talking about? What if... what if... what if this was Dad's chance to celebrate his birthday for the first time with his first grandson and we didn't take it?

I decided I didn't want to live my life asking what-if's questions.

So I threw in clothes, toys, baby wipes, diapers, water bottles, sippy cups, make up kit, shower cap etc etc into a suitcase and we hopped into the car. A couple of hours later and I glided the car to my parents' front gate. I got out as quietly as I could and got Connor out of his car seat. I handed him the birthday card I'd gotten for his grandad and told him to hold it.

"Shhh... c'mon Connor.... let's go look for Gong-gong!" My plan was to sneak up on my parents and surprise them. (They didn't know we were making the drive back)

But we'd made so much noise opening the gate and Connor was by now giggling and shrieking with laughter so they heard us and had come out to investigate. There's my dad opening the sliding doors that lead to my childhood home. "It's CONNOR! Look, Connor's back!" (Yes and me too, Dad) There's my son, laughing, waving the birthday card excitedly in his hand and breaking into a run towards his grandfather.

I watched my dad scoop my little boy up into his arms for a hug. I watched my mum come running out from the dining room to hug and kiss Connor. I watched Connor laugh with delight, happy to see his grandparents again.

There are some things money just can't buy. This was one of them.

What if..?

I'm glad I don't have the answer.

Happy birthday Papa.

(A Gong-gong is Chinese for grandfather. It is not pronounced as "gong" as in "He won the gong for best actor". I have no idea how to explain it. Go grab a local Chinese in your neighbourhood and ask. Hehe)


  1. Pronounciation Hint: More like "kong" than "gong" and you'd get there eventually

    And this was such an aww... post. Life shouldn't be about What If's

  2. Aaaawwww babe, your sweet post wet my eyes, as if I'm not hormonal enough *sniff*

    I'm glad you don't live on "what if" and "if only" that's a timely reminder for us all, so please please come and join us for dinner tomorrow. You know ... what if ... ;)

  3. Happy birthday to your Dad. I wish I could do the same thing, just driving from here to Jkt ;)

  4. you could never do this surprise thing till this day! remember that christmas when you wanted to give that christmas tree? you tried so hard to surprise me by pretending to go to your room to get something and then... there was a faint jingle-jingle (from the tree, of course!)coming closer towards me. i knew from that sound, you bought the tree and wanted to surprise me...tak jadi betul! :D

  5. PB: Become King Kong pulak! LOL Not really like that K sound either, right? It reminds me of how this (Danish) friend of ours was explaining to us "There is no D sound in Denmark." ??? Why does it start with a D then!

    Shortcake: Sorry I couldn't join you girls that day. Any chance we can meet up before you have to kurung rumah?

    LFN: Thank you. I felt as you do last year when we were living in Jkt. Not as far as the US but still a plane ride away.

    Roy: Oh shut up. ;) Go to your Bata warehouse sale.