Monday, August 2, 2010

Mum and Toddler Playgroup in Kuala Lumpur: Jungle Gym, Bangsar Shopping Centre

I found out about this playgroup when someone from ibu posted it on Facebook. So we got up bright and early yesterday, had a good breakfast, washed up and went off to Jungle Gym. I think Mummy was a bit over-enthusiastic because we were the first ones to arrive! Connor was very doubtful at first. "Why is Mummy taking me to this dark-dark place where there aren't any other people around???"

Mums (and a daddy) and toddlers started arriving about 10:30am. Most of the mums were friendly, always nice to see someone who understands your lifestyle. The children ranged from a few months to Connor's age.

The gym itself is fabulous. It's safe, clean and the equipment can take Mummy's weight. (Mummy weighs in the low 50kg++ range) I was very pleased about that because that meant I could go climbing about after Connor and not stand below helplessly shouting "Connor! NO! Don't climb that one!"

They have 3 huge slides that Connor and Mummy enjoyed. Boy. I haven't been on a slide since I was...10? Forgot how fun it is to slide down on one. Even more fun having my little boy on the adjacent slide, giggling all the way down with me. They have not one but TWO ball pits. One is your standard ball pit. The other is a ball pit with very soft foam balls and a blow-the-balls-up-in-air machine. You pour the balls in, hit the button and wheeee! - foam balls popper! This 2nd pit also has 4 machine guns where you can shoot at targets. Mummy managed to get 2 balls out of 10 into the dog target and got a woof-woof in return.

There's also a trampoline, lots of tunnels, ramps, walkways, steps, obstacle courses and see-saws to keep the kids occupied. Connor had an absolute blast. So did Mummy. It was fun to know Connor was safe playing inside the place and I had a chat with other mums on topics that only parents are interested in - potty training, pre-schools, nap times. I chatted with a mum of a very cute 9mo boy who asked me what I used to ask other more experienced mums "Does it EVER get easier???" (Yes it does)

The mums and bubs all go for lunch after the play session but Connor was beyond wilting so I had to take him home. This is how I know Connor has had enough of anything - he will come to me, cuddle up to me and say "Bye-bye!" very loudly to everyone else. Just in case blur Mummy doesn't get the hint.

Jungle Gym is on the 4th floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. (That's the one at the top of the hill) They have lockers if you need to stash stuff but when I was there, I noticed most of the lockers had a "Rosak" ("Out of order") written on them. Socks are required for both the child and parent. Children under 7 need to be accompanied by one adult. Entrance is FREE for children under 2yo. For older children, it's RM22 per entrance on weekdays and RM28 on weekends if I remember correctly. You can have birthday parties there, they have various packages available.

The ibu playgroup meets there every Monday from 10am onwards. We'll definitely be back for more sessions!


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  2. Thank you for the wonderful review Mrs Top Monkey! I hope you don't mind, but I have linked your article to BSC's page on Facebook.

  3. hi there, enjoying your blog. it's full of very useful info. and witty updates about your life. If not mistaken, think I spotted the whole Monkey family in One Utama last Sunday. Was jumping telling my husband that I have been reading your blog :D

  4. dinesh: Hi, we love the gym! Recommended to a fellow mummy friend who brought her twins there and they had a good time.

    fanclub: LOL Boy! A fan! Thank you for writing in. Hehe... Okay, to be honest, I can't remember if we were in 1U or not but I was there just yesterday with my parents (Mon). Do come and say hi if you see us, we won't bite.

  5. will do if i do spot u guys again. btw, will be heading to jungle gym tomorrow with bub thanks to your recommendation.

  6. Hope you both enjoy your time there as much as we did!