Friday, September 17, 2010

My birthday present from Dear Hubby

It is my birthday and I just wanted to share something funny. I'm usually not one to announce my birthday to the whole world but Dear Hubby's birthday present was spot on and made me laugh.

This morning he woke me up and came in with my card and my presents. One was a novel which I will somehow find the time to read despite Connor forever climbing into my lap when he sees my attention isn't focused on him.

The other was four AA batteries.

For my toy.

*wink, wink*

No, it's not one that looks like a bunny rabbit. It's actually his old Nintendo Gameboy that we never bothered with until we started bragging about our skills at Tetris. So we dragged it out of storage, dusted it off and have been furiously trying to out-Tetris each other ever since. I was so determined to beat him that I wore out brand new batteries in one day.

Hence his present to me were those ultra-long lasting AA batteries.

Thank you Dear Hubby darling. I think this will bring me a lot more joy (and bragging rights) than the Chanel bag.


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