Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rant Time: Inconsiderate Malaysian Drivers

Me: Connor, how does Mummy drive?
Connor: *pretends to turn steering wheel* Brrmm-brrmmm.... PON!!!!!!!!!!! PONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Ponponpon!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I'm setting a bad example to my 2yo on driving courteously. But I can't help it because we encounter so many idiots on the road. Malaysian drivers are a thoughtless inconsiderate bunch of nincompoops on the road. We always pride ourselves on being warm, friendly and generous. Riiiiiiiiiight. Ever encountered one of our own kind on the road? We're about as warm and friendly as a hungry grizzly bear hunting for food.

Today, I was patiently queueing up at the slip road on Jln Duta that takes you to the roundabout. It's usually a clear road at around 9am++ which is when I'm done with the school run but for some reason, traffic was heavy today. Heavy but moving.

Up pop the drivers who refuse to queue and speed all the way to the end and then squeeze their way in at the head of the queue. I can't imagine why most people let them in. Don't. If they can't squeeze in, the butt of their car will be sticking out on a highway and with some luck, a trailer's going to speed by and crush them out of the gene pool. Bye-bye, inconsiderate rude driver genes.

When I finally came to the head of the queue, some idiot driver in an MPV who'd refused to queue decided he would cut right in front of me. Guess he thought a harmless-looking poppet who probably doesn't know the offside rule in football would meekly let him in.


PONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @#$% OFF!!!!!!!! YOU @#$%-ING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had the shock of his life. He definitely looked surprised that I wouldn't let him in and that I would actually turn around, look at him in the face and tell him off.

Why can't people drive with more courtesy on our roads. And we wonder why we kill so many of our own on our lovely, pothole-ridden, toll booth-laden highways.

P/S Yes, I know the offside rule very well indeed and I didn't need the shoe shopping example as an explanation.

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