Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back from the dead

Well I haven't been posting for a LONG time. So long that I can't believe my last post was to commemorate Hillsborough. I apologise to everyone who wrote comments on this blog and didn't receive a reply as I was too busy offline to even look at this blog.

The reason for the silence is that a LOT has happened in our life. First Dear Hubby was told he was surplus to requirements here, so bye-bye KL, hello Aberdeen. Then jobs in all sorts of exotic locations from Rio de Janeiro to Lagos in Nigeria were dangled in front of our eyes and ultimately, nothing came out of them. Finally at the very last minute, Dear Hubby received word that he was required in Kuala Lumpur after all and would he please come back to the office on Monday morning just like he has for the past 1+ years?

How last minute, you ask?

Well.... last minute as in... when 2/3 of our worldly belongings were packed up and boxed up, all ready to be shipped to Aberdeen. There we are, dusty and tired, almost everything in cardboard boxes and the phone rings and erm... we have to unpack.


As a friend described it, it was as if I'd been on a roller coaster going up and down and up and down and when it finally stopped and I opened my eyes... ooiiiiiii.... I am still in the same spot.

It was EXACTLY how I felt. I'd been going nuts researching schools in Aberdeen for Connor, where to live so that we would qualify as a catchment area for said school, playgroups, bus routes, various shopping attractions... and I was all ready to start shopping on, and all the various e-boutiques that had free returns for UK customers and then....! Major ARGH!!!!

Well Aberdeen, I guess we'll have to wait at least another year before we grace you with our presence.


  1. oh my...sounds most exhausting! sorry to hear you've had to go through all the packing and unpacking, but glad to know you'll be staying in Msia for the time being! :)

  2. Yeah beetrice, just glad to know we have some stability at last after all the yo-yo-ing of the past few months. And now I can check out Sephora KL! Bwahahaha!!!

  3. Just stumble upon your blog & really amazed by the write-ups...Though this is a long overdue topic, but just to let u know that there are many that shares the same pain going through relocation (packing, unpacking, home search, etc etc..)....Hope u continue with this blog as much as i like to read them...cheers gal..

  4. Hi Shee Ling, I try my best, glad you enjoy it!