Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday in UK: Baa baa black sheep

I was very eager to show Connor all the animals he could see in the UK as they're the ones that keep popping up in his nursery rhymes. However, Connor... being a boy, wasn't much interested in them. "No wheels on these things? Okay... NEXT!"

This was until we saw some black sheep and I pointed them out. "Look Connor! Black sheep!" and I sang "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?" Connor's eyes widened and you could see it happening in his little boy brain. "OH! So that's what that song's about!"

He was very interested in the animals after that and singing Old McDonald had a lot more meaning for him as we passed by farms with cows in the fields and yep, he realised that the old guy had a farm and on his farm, he had a cow. Mooooooo......

We stopped somewhere so that he could come down and see a black lamb. When we got closer, I realised the black lamb had a white sheep mummy. How strange, I thought. Can a white sheep mummy have a black lamb? Then I looked at my fair-skinned little boy, cuddled in my brown-coloured arms. Erm... I guess mummies can be a different colour from their babies after all!

We stopped by a farm to say hello to some horses and Mummy got to pet a Shetland pony!!! I was so excited because I've always wanted to pet one. They're so adorable. Said Shetland pony just stood patiently while I danced around in excitement, petting it and singing out, "I've petted a Shetland pony, I've petted a Shetland pony!" The big horses didn't say a word but from the look in their eyes, it was clear they thought I was mad.

It wasn't just farm animals we saw. There were dead jellyfish washed up on Crosby beach and I showed them to Connor. He then attempted to stomp on them (his standard reaction to anything I show him) and only retreated when his shoes got stuck in the jellyfish. Eew. So now we know - Clarks shoes DO get stuck in dead jellyfish.

All in all, a very educational holiday for our little one. I hope he realises how lucky he is. When I was his age, the only place I got to go was Melaka and Singapore.

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