Thursday, July 28, 2011

Syiok Sendiri Time: At Pavilion KL Liverpool FC Fanzone

One of the fun-nest features of the Liverpool fanzone organised by Standard Chartered at Pavilion KL was the replica dressing room. They'd hung up jerseys above a narrow bench just like the real dressing room at Anfield. I know that because I've done the Anfield tour and been there. Fans were having fun posing for pics seated next to their fave player's jersey.

So I couldn't resist plonking my son on one of the benches right under Reina's jersey. Pepe Reina is our goalie and he is a younger, hunkier version of Dear Hubby. He is also one of my favourite players. We have a picture of Dear Hubby posing under Reina's jersey in the real Anfield dressing room so I thought it would be funny to have Connor do the same.

As I was standing there, waiting for some people to walk away so that I could get a clear shot, the two young college-aged girls next to me cooed "Aiyo, see that little boy there? Oh my god, he's so cute! See, see? He's just standing there... so cute! Whose little boy is that?"

If I had a purer soul, I would have simply smiled and kept quiet. Unfortunately, I am a vain mortal. So I immediately called out, "Connor! Look at mummy!" (Nah! He is MY little boy!)

Syiok sendiri je....

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