Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The verbal floodgates are opening...

Connor is, I think, a late talker. He was never interested in talking. While I fretted and took him to endless doctors and specialists, Dear Hubby just assumed Connor was displaying a very male trait. It didn't help that some of my friends' sons were chattering away in complete sentences before turning three.

I saw a lot of improvement in speech when he started playschool. It helps that there's more people around him, talking away. But he still wouldn't say much. I worried for nights on end, wondering if my son was stupid. But he didn't seem so. He knew how to solve problems like figuring out how to get the M&Ms out from the fridge. We've since bought a new fridge with very hard to open doors. He knew his colours, his shapes, his numbers and his ABCs. He understood our instructions. So clearly he didn't have a problem understanding. But it seemed his mouth hadn't quite caught on it had to get in the act as well.

Lately, it seems to be happening. One of the many things he said yesterday was "I am eating murtabak!" For breakfast. And it was MUMMY'S murtabak. So Mummy had to go eat boring toast because there wasn't any freaking murtabak left.

I didn't really mind because he is TALKING. At long last, he is talking. Phew.

I'm going to so regret this because once he starts talking, you know what comes next. Yep. Mummy, why is the sky blue? Mummy, why is that man so fat? Mummy, why does your bum look big in those jeans?

*A murtabak is an Indian dish. It's like a filled pancake, filling can be meat/vege. It is very easy for Connor to pronounce because it sounds just like "motorbike", one of his favourite all-time words.

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  1. That boy has Malaysian blood he does. One of his 1st sentences and its about a) food and b) greasy oily food and c) delicious (!) greasy oily food. Aunty PB is very proud of you!