Friday, August 12, 2011

East vs West: The Hungry Ghost Month, Part II

A few months after John first learns about how Hungry Ghosts can impact one's sales figures, the marketing team is back in front of him to present their plans for the next year.

As the team drones on and on about the various activities they will put into place for the coming year, John suddenly perks up.

"Hang on, hang on."

Everyone wakes up from their open-eyed slumber (those of you who have had to suffer through company meetings will know what I mean). Ooh, Marketing Director is talking. We'd better pay attention.

"That event there that you're planning... is that the same event as this year's?
"The same time?"

There is a pause as everyone wonders what John is leading up to.

"So erm... next year, will those Hungry Ghosts come out at the same time as this year? Because you know... they impacted sales figures this year and I don't want the same thing to happen next year."

That was when we knew we had a smart man in charge. Hehe.

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