Friday, September 9, 2011

School holidays are over -yippee!

Connor went back to school on Wednesday.  He'd spent all holiday telling me and his grandparents what he'd heard in school.
"William, sit down!"
"Alastair, close the door!"
"Cosima, be careful!"
"Connor, what you doing?"

Ah... the joys of a child who's capable of speech.  At least now I know he has friends at school and I know what's going on in school.

When we took Daddy to work on Tues morning, he thought we were taking him to school.  When we didn't turn off to school, he whined from the back "I want to go school."  He'd clearly missed being around friends and all the activity that goes on in school.

On Wed, when I did make the turn, he cheered in his car seat "SCHOOL!!!!!!"

He's just moved up to pre-preschool class.  It's a little less play compared to the toddler class he'd been in and here they start teaching writing skills, letters and numbers.  The school is used to preparing expat children for the assessment tests at the various international schools in KL/Selangor and they know what they need to do.  I don't think local schools have the same tests but then again, most local children attend local kindys which are pretty good at drilling you in the 3Rs.

I am so happy he's happy to be back.

Some peace at last in the morning for Mummy.

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