Monday, February 27, 2012

Back again

Oo-er, been away for a long time huh.

I'd spent most of that time being ill.  Connor and I caught a bug right after Chinese New Year.  Fortunately, he bounced back after a few days but I remained sick.  I couldn't figure out why this flu bug was SO strong.  I'd never been that ill with the flu before.

How sick was I?

Well, for the first few days, I literally spent 20 hours sleeping.  When I got a little better and Connor had to go back to school, I would still grab every available minute I could for sleeping.  I coughed so hard daily  I thought I was going to cough my lungs out.  Even after I'd finished my course of antibiotics, I still had to take Panadol every day to counter the aches and pains in my body.

After about two and a half weeks of that and packs of Panadol gone, I realised it wasn't ordinary flu and sought a second opinion.  The second doc ordered blood tests and discovered I was positive for mycoplasma.  That's atypical pneumonia to us laymen.  What is it?  Erm.. it's not the typical pneumonia.  Haha.  Whatever.

He prescribed another course of antibiotics.  They were power antibiotics.  I took just one large pill a day for 5 consecutive days and yes! I'm cured!  He also prescribed a sort of inhaler for my cough and it took just 2 doses of that to lessen my cough significantly.

I'm so glad I went to see the doctor again.

I'm even gladder that throughout all those horrendous bouts of coughing up germs, my son and my husband didn't catch it.  It must be a virus that angmohs and semi-angmohs are immune to.   Well, come to think of it... probably not... because my angmoh friend's two daughters caught it and were ill for 2 months.

Whatever it is, I'm back!

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