Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Kids Activities in KL: Wheelie Sundays at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Looking for something to do on Sunday mornings for the whole family?

Try out Wheelie Sundays at Publika.  They close off the inner roads of the complex from 7-10am so that people can enjoy walking or riding safely.   Just pack the whole family (and bikes) and get ready for some fun!

Don't have a bike?  No worries, you can rent one at the event.  They have kids' and adult bikes for rent.

We went along one Sunday with Connor's Thomas bike stashed in the boot of the car.  We left Daddy at home, it was my way of giving him some time alone so that he can listen to all his music.  Our musical tastes don't really match and I really do prefer to be out of the  house when he plays some of his more erm... experimental stuff.

If you're hungry, they sell breakfast and snacks at the event.  Otherwise, you can always pop into the many eateries in Publika for a bite after the ride.

We missed 2 Sundays now because Connor woke up too late.  He's our little alarm clock, you see... so if he doesn't wake up, Daddy and Mummy don't wake up either!  Maybe this Sunday.... with Connor's new scooter!

See you there!

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