Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hair Salons in Kuala Lumpur: Grace Salon, Bangsar Village

Why is it that every time I find a stylist I like, he/she runs away to some Great Unknown Hair Salon?

The last time I was at Grace Salon, I had Steve who did a good job.  I don't ask for much.  I never bring in a picture of Jennifer Aniston and declare, "Give me the Rachel!"  Just make me look presentable.  And make my hair child-proof, housework-proof, easy to manage because I haven't got much time to do my hair before the school run in the morning.  Steve did that the last time.  So imagine my horror when I called up this week to book an appointment with him only to discover he'd run away.  ARGH.

They suggested I try another stylist called Calvin.  Okay lor....   Calvin has a stylo-mylo hairstyle - shaved close at the sides but long and floppy on top.  I could never get away with hair like that, I would look SO weird.  I do like it when a stylist has very fashion forward hair.  After all, you're in the business right?  I wouldn't want you to have Donald Trump combover style.

He looked critically at my long unruly mane (hadn't had a cut for 2 months) and suggested he trimmed it to shoulder length.  After a few more tsk-tsk moments, he suggested a fringe.  Fringe?  You mean hair that flops into my eyes each time I'm cooking dinner for my kid and husband? The type that blinds me when I'm doing the dishes?  He said soothingly, "It will give you volume."  Volume?  Ah, the Magic Word.  Okay, we're on!

An hour later, having had my mane cut, blown dry and dressed with L'oreal serum, I thought I looked ab fab, dah-leeng. Like, totally.  I wanted to blow air kisses to my reflection but thought the other customers might think it a bit too much.  I paid up and walked out feeling so gorgeous I would have signed up for a Miss Universe pageant if they had been looking for candidates outside Grace Salon.

I was very pleased with the cut and with Calvin.  Of course now I still look absolutely perfect as the blow-dry is still intact.  Wait a couple of days later when I've had to do my own blow-dry and I'll be able to assess the cut better.  But for now... how happy was I with the cut?  Well, let's say I was hoping all day to bump into ALL my ex-boyfriends so that I could flick my gorgeous hair about and make them bloody regret they'd ever let me go.  Look at what a stunning trophy wife you could have had.  HAH.

Staff is friendly and the girl who washes your hair never ever scratches your head.  I hate it when they do... hello?  Want me to bleed all over or what?  What I really like about them is that they do not push services or products.  It's such a turn-off when a stylist keeps trying to get you to do this treatment and that treatment.  The last time I had one with them, it was because I asked for it and they recommended me a few treatments at different price points and explained the difference but did not push for me to go for the most expensive one.  Yesterday's cut cost RM105.  Okay, that was pricey.  But I have problematic tresses.  Honest.

Grace Salon,
20 & 21, First Floor,
Bangsar Village 2,
Jalan Telawi Satu.
03-2287 6323/8323

If you're asking for Calvin, please note that his off day is Tuesday. (Er... I dunno if it's spelt Kelvin, I just automatically thought it would be spelt the way I've written it)


  1. i will remember you in our own special way, gorgeous hair notwithstanding. heh, heh!



  2. try frizzer salon times square
    7th heaven