Thursday, March 1, 2012

Help for Expat Mums (and Dads!): ibu on Facebook

For mums who are considering moving to Kuala Lumpur, I would highly recommend you join the Ibu Family Resource Group in KL.  Ibu means mother in Malay.  This is a support group for mums (and dads are welcome too!).  What you'll find is a network of expat and local mums, playgroups you can join, Parents' Night Out events and many more.

I am not a member but I have joined their group on Facebook.  Everyone has been really helpful on FB.  You can ask anything you like e.g. where to find a good paediatrician for your children, recommendations on schools, help with asthma/sleep problems, where to buy furniture, maids recommendation... friendly mums will chip in with useful info.  There is also a separate group linked to it where you can sell/buy  used baby/kids' stuff.

I remember being a new mum all alone in Jakarta and if not for the help of my friendly neighbour, I would have been lost.   When we moved back to KL, Connor was 14 months old and I was bored to tears sitting at home alone with him.  I found out about ibu and  attended various playgroups organised by ibu and had a lot of fun meeting other people.

Do check them out if you are thinking of a move to Kuala Lumpur.

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