Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreams of a European vacation

We are headed back to the UK in June for our annual holiday.   This time, Dear Hubby suggested we take a few days out to visit a European city.  I thought it was a splendid idea!  Rome, Paris, Milan?  No offense but it’s definitely a lot more glamorous than erm… Aberdeen…..

I thought I’d look up sites, there's one called Zicasso that does tours in Europe so that I can see what I can expect.   I also had to factor in that we would have a little boy with us and anywhere we picked would have to be kid-friendly.  

The last time we were in Europe was when we visited my sister-in-law in Portugal.  Connor was only 20 months old then.  My clever sister-in-law managed to find a car seat and stroller from the nearby charity shop so we flew over from UK with just our luggage.   We had a wonderful time just lazing around, going to the beach everyday and eating a big carton of cherries we’d bought for only 2 euros.  After we left, my sister-in-law sold the stroller and car seat back to the charity shop!  Hehe.

Reading the reviews of the trips people had taken made me faint with longing for a trip.  Check out the reviews from this France travel agent! It made me REALLY want to go on a luxury tour too.  But alas! – reality bites.  We thought it might be too much to ask our son to put up with visits to ancient ruins, museums and antiques shops. 

So instead of looking at trips to Milan etc, I am now looking at the Thomas Day Out event at Brechin Railway Station, Scotland.  Boy.  The sacrifices I make for you, my son. 

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