Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Things: Little Red Market

Do you remember the market in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere?  Or the magical faeryfolk markets of Enid Blyton where they move from location to location every week?

Well, I've found their earthly equivalent in Little Red Market!  How do I describe it - it's a little market of mostly arts and crafts stuff... some baked goods as well.  Most as handmade and utterly unique.  They move from location to location every month.

I went to their May market which was in Publika, Solaris Dutamas.  It's just a 5 minute drive away from where we lived so I dragged Dear Hubby and Son there.  Plus it was Mother's Day so I got whatever I wanted.  Hee.

It was such fun!  There was a kids' activity corner where they could do colouring or draw on the glass walls.  They also had a badge-maker where you paid RM2 for a badge of your choice.  Naturally, our young one plumped for a Thomas the Tank Engine badge.

There was a stall selling fresh bread and bought her best-seller, a parmesan cheese bread that looked delicious.  We looked at another stall that was selling hand-made quilts and teepees and our son crawled into a teepee to test it out.  So cute... it was made of pink gingham fabric... not for our boy though, Daddy said!

There were handmade notebooks, handmade jewellery, someone had made old LPs into clocks... all sorts of cool stuff.  We stopped by a stall that made baskets, bunting and pillows for children.  She had one pillow in the shape of a rocket.  Connor's eyes lit up.  He'd been talking about rockets for days!  So he HAD to have it.  And Daddy gave in because I gave him a beseeching look.  He handed the money over, picked up the pillow and grumbled "Oh well, Happy Mother's Day." I beamed.  "THANK YOU!"  I handed the rocket to our son who danced around in delight.  "Mummy!  Look! It's a rocket!"

The atmosphere reminded me of the farmer's market in Ormskirk which we used to go to with my in-laws.  Or a very clean, artsy pasar malam.

Check out them out on Facebook under Little Red Market for pictures and more details.

Or you can click HERE for their website.

I can't wait for their next market!


  1. Totally agree with you, fantastic atmosphere with heaps of unique offerings on the table. I especially thought the little stall offering wall decals and giclee paintings were awesome!

  2. TOTALLY awesome prints. I shall have to spend more time on next market visit to examine the giclee wares more thoroughly as little one was so keen on the rocket that day. I was quite keen on the one with the Nemo but got distracted by a little toddler!

  3. Hi Mrs Top Monkey, Thank you for the lovely comments about our Little Red Market. Being one of the founders of the market and also the quilt and teepee maker I am so pleased you came along. Our next market has just been announced for Sunday 14th October at the same fabulous venue. Hope to see your there again. Drop by and say hello. Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa, I loved your teepee! But the hubby said no to it, enough toys in the house! October seems so far away, I hope you can find another venue and enough vendors to have another before that. I just enjoyed myself so much that day, can't wait for October!