Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Connor Says: Buy this!

Connor: (pointing to extremely expensive toy in ELC catalogue)  Mummy, buy this!
Me:  Buy what? (takes a look at price.  *faints*)
Connor:  Yes, Mummy... I want this, buy this please.
Me:  I don't have any money, Connor.
Connor:  Ask Daddy buy?  Ask Daddy go get money... money of coins and go pay for it!
Me:  *pipiak self*

That was yesterday afternoon's conversation.

Sure enough, when Daddy returned from the office, Connor's first words were "Daddy!  Daddy, go pay for it!"

This morning, he woke up early with Daddy and padded after Dear Hubby while I snoozed on for half an hour more.  When Dear Hubby came to wake me up, he grumbled, "Do you know what was the FIRST thing our son did when we reached the dining table?  He pointed to the toy in the catalogue and said, 'Daddy, buy me this toy, go pay for it?'"

I'm going to BURN that bloody catalogue.

Note:  Connor is very fond of the word "of" and uses it often... usually in the wrong place in his sentence.


  1. Hi there


    I facing a similar scene with my 4 1/2 yr for a expensive bike she has seen in a catalogue.


    1. And they always pick the most expensive toy, don't they! LOL