Monday, August 13, 2012

Connor's wish list

I made the mistake of leaving four of Connor's precious little die-cast toy vehicles in Liverpool.  He's not really been asking for them as he's been busy playing with his current set of toys.  As he'd not seen them for a month, it's almost like they're all new to him again.

Lately though, he'd been asking for his toy vehicles.  He's mad about the SIKU range of toys.  The cheapest toy starts at RM14.90 so that's not a big deal if I get him one of those every month.  They're well made (German engineering!), the wheels and side mirrors don't fall off ever and they're damn near indestructible.  They're stocked in all the toys shops we go to as well as Mothercare stores and Connor never fails to go up to the display and gaze longingly at all on offer.

We saw a bendy bus in downtown Liverpool on our holiday so I caved in to maternal guilt on our most recent trip and bought him one.  Cost me RM25.90.  It bends and all but to Connor's disappointment, the doors don't open.

The other day, he asked for a yellow school bus from SIKU.  I said no as I'd just bought the bendy bus a few days earlier.

Yesterday, he came up to me with his toy wish list.  As he'd learnt that Mummy generally says no to buying more than one toy at a time, he'd cleverly distributed the toy buying among the family.

"Mummy buy Connor a yellow school bus, Daddy buy tram, Jiu-jiu buy blue car transporter and Da Jiu buy red racing car... and... and.... Gong-gong buy helicopter... and.... and... um... and... Por-por buy clock tower!  Tomorrow we go shopping at toy shop!"

And he beamed triumphantly at his own cleverness.

I can't bloody believe it.

And the best part?

This morning on the way to school, he reminded me again of his toy wish list and adding more family members to it.

And Dear Hubby thought I was bad with my handbag wish list... at least I just wish for ONE Chanel a year!


  1. HAHAHA OMG he's precious!! :D And so clever at starting a wish list already!

    1. We were torn between financial despair and hilarity ourselves. Today die-cast toys. Tomorrow...? I dare not imagine. Hehe.