Monday, September 24, 2012

Connor Says: On kissing

Out of the blue one day, my son announced, "I like to kiss girls."

Talk about surprising your mother.  I was caught completely off guard.  But then again, Connor is used to plenty of hugs and kisses at home all day long so he probably thinks it's something that must happen to everyone else.

Somewhat shocked, I asked, "Really?  You like kissing girls? How many have you kissed?"

There was a pause as he thought for a moment before he started counting, "One... two.... three.... fourfivesixseveneightnine.... ten!  TEN GIRLS!"

Oh no.  I wanted to laugh and at the same time, I wanted to shriek in horror and call up school right away to apologise for my over-friendly son.  I also knew it was just random counting on his part as he loves to count but usually stops at ten.

"Ten girls!  So many girls!  Did you like it?"

My son grinned broadly, "YES!"

Aiyoyooooo.....  Not even four years of age and already such a Romeo.  Boy.  I can't wait till he's sixteen.

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