Monday, October 8, 2012

Back from Pangkor...

We had family visiting so off we went to Pangkor for a holiday.  Not Pangkor Laut this time, dah-leeng... it was out of our budget as they had suspended the residents' package for the time being.  So we opted for the much more budget-friendly Pangkor Island Beach Resort.

We stayed in the Ocean Wing rooms.  My hubby, brought up next to the River Mersey, loves the sea and the ocean and immediately opted for those rooms.  We got a set of two that were inter-connected (good for families!) that looked out to the bay.  They were a bit shabby and tired-looking but clean.  The mini bar was not very cold and the air-conditioning took some time before it revved up.  At first I thought "Oh no... what a bummer!  I wanna go to Pangkor Laut!"

But then we got to the beach.  It was marvellous.  Especially at sunset!  Wow.  The beach was a peculiar greyish colour and populated with hundreds of tiny crabs.  We walked along the stretch of grass where the sun loungers were, past the kids' pool and the adults' pool and to the restaurant where we would be having our meals.  Wow.  They had hornbills too, just like on Pangkor Laut Resort, and they had a special feeding area and feeding times where big platters of bread cubes were put out for the birds.  Suddenly our tired-looking rooms didn't matter anymore.  Who stays the whole day in their hotel rooms anyway???

The resort also had a resident peacock family.  There was dowdy Mrs Peacock, her equally frumpy daughter Miss Peacock and... guess what???  A splendid Mr Peacock!  I was so thrilled when I spotted him flaunting his magnificent tail one afternoon while we were at the pool and ran over with Connor to show him.

We had a wonderful time.  After countless holidays with the British side of the family, I've discovered that "wonderful holiday" means different things to them and me.  To me, "wonderful holiday" = scrumptious cheap food.  We just added on RM69++ for buffet breakfast AND dinner, I've learnt the hard way it's much easier to just eat at the hotel when you have a little boy in tow.

For my hubby and his side of the family, "wonderful holiday" = getting a suntan.  So while I was busy stuffing my face with food, they were out on the sun loungers soaking up the sun.

I would recommend Pangkor Island Beach Resort for families.  They have a kiddie's club but we didn't check it out as Connor much preferred the pool and beach.  The kiddie's club organises activities such as leaf-painting, cookie-making, kite flying etc from morning till about 6pm and if your child is above 5yo, you can leave them there.

Rooms were cheap, I think we paid RM300++ per night for ours.  You can add on wifi but we didn't bother.  I don't like doing the internet stuff while I'm on holiday and if I really needed to, all I had to do was go to reception where there was wifi.  I really liked that we had inter-connecting rooms.  That way, everyone had some privacy when we needed it but we were all still together.  Good for families who have say, teens and younger ones, and your teens want their privacy sometimes.

Food was good and at RM69++ for both breakfast and dinner buffets, I really can't complain.  We eat dinner at 7pm latest so it was wonderful sipping a Long Island Iced Tea while watching the glorious sunset.

Damn syiok. 

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  1. Good Day! May I have some advice from expat mom or dad on preschool nearby KLCC.(such as EtonHouse. Note: To be honest, I have concerns to send my son next year while reading 3 negative posts in this blog)
    I am a father of 2.5yr and 0.5yr sons and will bring them with my wife to Kuala Lumpur in coming December.

    And I plan to live in March Residence nearby KLCC to be close the workplace.

    Thanks in advance.