Monday, March 11, 2013

My Mother's Day

Yesterday March 10 was Mother's Day in the UK.  In Malaysia, we celebrate this on the 2nd Sunday of May, not in March.

So on Sunday morning, this beautiful card was waiting for me, signed by our little boy and Dear Hubby.  It's so sweet to get cards and stuff on Mothers' Day but the best gift arrived later and it was something that Dear Hubby wasn't even aware he was giving me.

We still have about 5 boxes unopened... out of the 300+ that came with us all the way from Kuala Lumpur.  We had a new bed to assemble (as our existing bed frame was too large to fit up the stairs), new shelves to put up in the pantry and new storage to be put into our rooms.  So on Mothers' Day, the two of us worked on sorting out the house.

Dear Hubby spent all morning assembling our new bed frame.  He only took a short break for lunch, I'd made chicken soup and it proved to be a great choice as it'd snowed all day yesterday.   Then after that, he assembled the new shelves for our pantry.

When he'd finally finished and had cleared away all the packaging materials, guess what he did?  I thought he would sit down and take a well-earned break.  Instead he suited up in winter gear, asked me to do the same for Connor and produced a sled.  He then announced he was going to take our little boy sledding around the neighbourhood.  I waved goodbye as both boys headed out into the snow, my husband towing our son behind him on the sled as they disappeared round the corner.  

Dear Hubby towed a gleeful Connor around the quiet snowy roads near our house and when they came back, he took Connor into our back garden.  There is a little slope in our back garden and Connor had a blast sliding down it.

It took maybe all of half an hour but I absolutely appreciated that Dear Hubby wanted to spend time playing with our son even though he must have been tired out from all the work he'd been doing in the morning.  

Cards, flowers and breakfast in bed... those are nice things to have on Mother's Day.  

But nothing beats knowing that I have Dear Hubby supporting me 365 days of the year when it comes to our family.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as I did. 

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