Monday, March 4, 2013

Ramblings: Summer holidays

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

Mine are all set out.  My plans include (but are not limited to) labour, delivery, breastfeeding, nappy-changing, cleaning up poo and wiping dribbles off my neck.

Ah, the joys of expecting a summer baby.

Well my parents should be heading over to Scotland for their very first trip to come and see their latest grandchild so at least someone is getting to enjoy a summer holiday!  They’ve been talking about doing a little tour of London first.  That is something I agreed with whole-heartedly as there isn’t much to see here in my neck of the woods.

You see, we have moved to a little village in Aberdeenshire.  It’s a little commuting village about half an hour away from Aberdeen city itself.   Nothing much to see here except for farms and snow-capped hills.   So unless you fancy er… sheep… there isn’t a lot to see. 

So I’ve been looking online at package tours.  These days, many sites like HolidayBirds make life easy when planning for a holiday.  As this is their first time here, I really want to find a tour that takes care of everything for them.  All they have to do is show up on time and enjoy themselves.

And perhaps help out with the baby too…

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