Friday, April 19, 2013

Kids Activities: Sand Play

I'm trying to get Connor to spend more time outdoors now that the weather is better.

So yesterday I invested in a 10kg bag of play sand from the local Tesco.  It only cost £2.50 for the whole bag.  After school, I dug out one of our many IKEA Samla boxes and poured the sand in then set it on another box so that it was at a good height for him.

Then I made Connor collect all his beach toys from our garden.  We'd used them for playing with snow during the winter.  As it was drizzling slightly, I suited him up in this puddle suit I'd bought him online. It's padded, waterproof and more importantly WINDPROOF.  A definite must-have for kids in British weather.  I've decided to follow Nordic parents' advice:  There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing.  Do you know there are some nurseries in Sweden which are 100% outdoors?  When it's nap time, babies just nap in their prams all suited up in snowsuits and woolies.

Add in a few construction vehicles toys and then I chucked my son outside to play in the very slight drizzle.  (I can so hear my mum shouting "He's going to get the flu!")

He was so thrilled to have his own sand pit that he stayed outside for an hour or so.  And Mummy got things done in the kitchen in peace.

When he was tired and wanted to come in, all I did was bring a jug of water outside so that he could wash the sand off his hands.  Then he took off his puddle suit and came in sand-less and clean while I shook the sand off the suit in the garden.  Ta-dah!

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