Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Connor can read: Biff, Chip and Kipper books

I happened upon the Biff, Chip and Kipper book set in our local Costco one day.  I took them, had a flip through and saw Level 1 was exactly what I was looking for - simple, 2-3 word stories for a beginning reader.  Just like my old Peter and Jane Ladybird books that I had as a child.

So I thought "Let's try them out."   This was after I discovered Connor could read simple words after learning phonics off the iPad.  Connor loved the books because he could read them by himself.  He can easily read Level 1 and Level 2 and they're quite easy for him.

I've then invested in Level 3 and have just ordered the boxed set of Level 4-6.  I discovered long after we started on the books that these books are also used in his local school so I hope I won't overdo it at home and then have Connor get bored at school because he already knows all the books.

They're contemporary British versions of Peter and Jane.  I think that's how to describe it.  As they're written for UK schools, the stories are based on UK life.   So the settings are familiar to Connor as they mirror his current life experiences and he enjoys seeing them in print.

Having him read the simpler books all by himself has shown Connor that much pleasure and information can be gained from reading.  He now spends a lot more time with his books and asks more often now to be read to.  Starting him off with something simple has given him confidence to try out the more complicated words.  

If you'd like to try a few out, you can get them off eBay for a pound or so per book.  There are also used boxed sets up for sale on eBay, usually in quite good nick for half the price of a brand new set and definitely worth a look.  

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