Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 2013 Bank Holiday Weekend: What we did

Wow.  We actually had sun out over the long weekend and we took full advantage of it.

As sun had been forecasted for the entire weekend, our friends suggested a walk and picnic in nearby Crathes Castle on Sunday.  We'd been there in April for the Easter egg hunt and Connor had enjoyed the walk so I said yes to the picnic.  However, as I'm now reduced to waddling along slowly in my 34th week of pregnancy, I declined to join in the hour-long walk.

So I turned up after everyone else had finished the walk and produced Cajun chicken wraps, a salad and ice-cold Kopparberg pear cider for the hubby.  It was a pleasant 14C day and we enjoyed sitting out on the grass with good friends.  Everyone warned me laughingly that it could be the ONE and ONLY sunny day for the year in Scotland.  I'm beginning to see why the natives are all pale-skinned!

On Monday, we set about assembling the trampoline we'd just bought for Connor.  Dear Hubby did most of the work while I helped out towards the end.  Connor promptly jumped into the cardboard boxes the trampoline came in and called it his "...pirate ship!"  Sometimes I think we should just buy our son tons of cardboard boxes instead of toys.

About two hours plus and two exhausted adults later, the trampoline was complete and our 4yo could hardly wait to climb on and bounce away.  Wish I could join him but it's completely out of the question for me currently!  We also discovered that while a trampoline is a lot of fun, the boinga-boing experience is very much enhanced with the addition of bubble-blowing.  Not blowing bubbles while you're jumping, that would be silly as the bubble solution would be spilling everywhere. You have to get someone else to blow it into the trampoline netted area while you're boinging merrily about.  Someone like Mummy, for example.  Utter boinging heaven.

Connor enjoying the newly-built trampoline. 

And that was our weekend in the sun.  Hope yours was just as fun.

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