Friday, May 31, 2013

Why the Scots are such hardy people

Last week was awful weather-wise for us in Scotland.  It's end of May, right?  And this weekend is June, right?  And June = summer, right?  Floaty dresses, sandals, sunblock season right?

W R O N G.

I think it was last Thursday when residents of hilly areas woke up to a snowy blizzard.  I'm not quite so high up so all I got was hail.  It rained/drizzled all day long and the wind that evening was something, going woo-woo-woo and rattling every door and window in our house.  In fact, the wind was so strong that our house acted like a whistle at times.  Quite funny to hear our house sing out in the key of E flat each time a particularly strong wind blew.

Anyway, I found out on Friday from a fellow mum that the previous night's Beaver (pre-Scouts group) meeting had gone on as scheduled.  Out in the woods.  Where the kids (all aged 6yo and below) were looking for nests in the trees.  She knew for sure because it was her night to volunteer and almost all the kids turned up despite the awful weather.

These hardy Scots.

I can well believe it because on Thursday morning, I drove Connor to school.  Hail mah... how to walk, right?  And all around me were kids walking to school as usual, some in just shorts and the school jumper, hands jammed into pockets as they hurried to school.

This amuses me because back home in Malaysia, my brothers and I were all driven to school at the slightest sign of rain.  Schools would be crowded with parents in their cars on rainy days, dropping off their kids as close to the school building as they could so that they wouldn't get wet in the rain.  So I did the same with Connor.  If we were planning to go down to the pool to play, I would cancel everything if just one drop of rain fell from the sky.

And of course now we live in a country where the school policy is to chuck them outside to play in all weather unless it's really very very wet....

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