Thursday, June 6, 2013

East vs West: Connor's lunch

Last weekend, we had someone in to measure our hallway for new carpets.   Connor and I were having our lunch in our kitchen.  Mummy had cooked delicious chicken rice porridge with an egg cracked in, all seasoned lovingly with sesame oil and some soy sauce.  Connor adores chicken rice porridge and can eat bowls and bowls of it.

When he's off to Primary 1 come August, I'm planning to send him off with chicken rice porridge for lunch.  I'm Malaysian.  The standard kid's school lunch of a sandwich and a bag of crisps plus two slices of apple doesn't really count as lunch in our eyes.  For us, lunch = plate of rice + vege + some slices of chicken.  Or char kuey teow.  Or a bowl of prawn noodles.  To us, sandwiches is party food and nibbles.  Every time Dear Hubby tells me he has sandwiches for lunch at work, my heart bleeds for him as I always feel that can't be enough to fill him up.

When the carpet guy came into the kitchen to speak to us, he looked at our bowls and I could see he was clearly puzzled by what we were eating.

After he'd left, I told Dear Hubby, "I could see he was puzzling over what we were eating."  Chicken rice porridge is not a very common lunch in Scotland, I guess.  I don't think he could even begin to guess at what we were eating!

I can just imagine what Connor's friends in school would be saying about his lunch.  "What are you eating, Connor?  Chicken rice porridge???  Wow.  Your mum's weird.  Want a sandwich?"


  1. I had a Korean student in the US, her mother was a graduate student at the local university.... And she always had Korean food for lunch. However, she wouldn't eat it and eventually her mother just gave her a sandwich and American food, which was fine with her. The staff was slightly envious, because it seemed like her mother was a good cook. Hopefully Connor will eat whatever you give him!

    1. Hi Jacky, I'm hoping the same! I'm actually trying to steer him towards sandwiches as they are easy to prepare for school and definitely less messy. But my son prefers his rice-based meals. Sigh.