Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ready and packed for the hospital!

That's my maternity bag, all packed and ready for the hospital!

I'm smarter this time round.  When I had Connor, I knew I would have a room all to myself and so packed my stuff into my lovely expensive leather bags.  Besides it was Jakarta and we were going to this super-duper posh private hospital so had to erm...  keep up with my fellow Jakartans who always seem to out-posh me, even in a hospital.  Who else on earth packs their stuff into LV bags for labour!  

This time I know I may be in a public ward so I just picked Dear Hubby's golf weekend bag.  This is what I packed:

Large t-shirt
Roomy pants
Even roomier knickers
(All of the above were stolen from Dear Hubby.  The beauty of having a very big-sized husband is that you can always fit into his clothes even at 40 weeks pregnant!)

Flip-flops for the bathroom, I don't like walking on shared bathroom floors... so icky!
Socks to keep my feet warm, I have very cold feet
Light jumper
Roomy dress for coming home in.  I'm still hoping it will be a nice summer's day when we get discharged and bring Number Two home for the first time!
Slip on shoes 
Toiletries for me

I also packed:
Clothes for Number Two
A swaddle blankie
A fleece blankie
Mitts, socks, a cotton hat
Nappies!  Wipes!  LOTS of wipes!
Face cloths and muslins
A Liverpool FC romper suit for coming home, the exact same one Connor wore coming home from the hospital

Last to go in will be some snack bars, a water bottle, my phone charger and iPad. 

Fellow mummies, if I've missed anything out, let me know!


  1. Roomy knickers were stolen from DH?! 0_0

    It seems like just yesterday when you told me the happy news! Can't wait to see No. 2 :D

    1. Had to. Can't fit into ANYTHING I own at the moment! I'm 50lbs heavier than when you saw me last and a great deal belly-er!

      Yeah, this pregnancy has just whooshed by me because I've had so much else on my mind. Totally different from when I was expecting Connor. Can't wait to see Number Two too.. my very own Satu Lagi! Hehe.

  2. Won't be long now...all the best, and can't wait to meet baby monkey #2! :D

    1. Thanks beetrice! Will be posting pics once we get them. A bit nervous but very excited and can't wait to meet our new little man.